February 13th, 2003


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Explaining her slightly disappointed review of a fic:
Well, I don't think I had any specific expectations since I really didn't know what it was about besides "creepy" and "awesome" and "ohmyGodit'sthebeststoryEVER" which are the terms that keep popping up on my friends list, along with random remarks about sleeping with the lights on .
:: coreopsis in embitca's journal

Man, you know sometimes you’re just sitting in class, and the professor is going on about Proust, and then suddenly you’re writing 10 Things I Hate About You slash in the back of your notebook? Yesterday was like that, man.
:: cyclogenesis

After posting some new slash:
And I'm all sexed out.


Not really.
:: unbegrenzt

BitterSweetBond: what time is it there?!
Ten White Lies: almost 10
BitterSweetBond: thats so weird!!!
Ten White Lies: haha
Ten White Lies: i know
Ten White Lies: we're 5 hours later
BitterSweetBond: stupid people in the future
:: mousekin
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The next logical step for network television is reality porn. Contestants have sex with washed-up celebrity judges who pick apart their techniques, and crown "The American Porn Star". -verbl