February 12th, 2003

  • celli

Airborne Rats?

"And how does a rat become a roof rat? What, do they parachute down onto the top of the building from little rat-carrying airplanes? Is it some special breed of rat that can only exist at altitudes higher than ground level, and if it actually touches soil, it implodes?"

  • cimness

(no subject)

The guy down the hall is blasting "Block Rockin' Beats" for the FORTY FUCKING MILLIONTH TIME. Next, he switches to Elvis with "Love Me Tender". This boy has BRAIN DAMAGE I MAY KILL HIM. If you hear about a boy in Canada being murder with a plastic spork, you know who did it.

...Oh great, here come the drunk RAs with a nice rendition of "all that jazz". Offkey. Bastards.