January 19th, 2003

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At least Liv Tyler can act in LotR. Ever see the beginning of "Armeggedon"? She does a semi-good job throughout the rest of the movie (not that I'm praising her--semi-good job is far from a compliment), but in the beginning, they could have just used a cereal box in a wig and dress and have gotten the same affect.
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FH - abbey road

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maeyan says:

I have come up with an excellant idea. I will number my rants. That way when I am upset I can just hold up a sign and people will know exactly what I am not saying. I think this will be an extremely useful time-saver:

Person A: Hey Maeyan, what do you think about [ ]?
Maeyan: Grrr! 14, 16 and the last half of 37!
Person B: What?
Person A: *blanches* oooooh. She threw in #37...
Person B: I don't get it...
Maeyan: AHH. Do I need to bring up #2? Or will you go away now?
Person A: Back away slowly, B, and maybe she'll get distracted.


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