January 15th, 2003

  • celli

Scariest. Test. Ever.

Well. My exam yesterday morning went... hur. No, it really did. I opened the paper and saw the questions, and it went, "Hur." Then it spat at me and laughed. Then it said, "It's your own stupid fault for starting to revise on Sunday instead of last week. You deserve everything you get." Then it laughed at me some more and spat again for good measure, and hurled abuse at me while I cried.

Discussion on Fandom_wanks demise

ethrosdemon:I think it had to have been RPSers. You know, those LOTR people. They are always going nuts on each other and screaming and yanking each other's hair. Someone probably said "Orlando is really gay. No REALLY! This is not my fantasy world, but REAL." and person two said "No, it's Elijah and Dom that are REALLY GAY!" and then they all left fandom, came back, collected followers and then reported each other over and over to LJ.
annlarimer: Am I the only person on the planet who thinks Orlando just isn't gay enough? I mean, c'mon, he could be way gayer.
ethrosdemon: he needs to get a rainbow tat on his ass and pull his pants down at random moments and scream "Elijah, spank my flag!"


ethrosdemon:What we will really do is create another community exactly like it, and another after that, and soon it will become the Old Fandom Tradition Of Making New LJ Communities To Wank. And people will say to newbies "Oh yeah, I was around for the FIRST Fandom_Wank community. Hell, i was around before LIVEJOURNAL!" And newbies everywhere will gasp and look on in wonder.

Why do I find this so amusing?

In response to a quiz taken by lolababee where the results were Faramir:

at least your not the fat smelly guy
-anonymous person named Kim

Please refer to the courageous dwarf as Glimi. That is his name. Please use it. How would you like it if he called you fat and smelly? come now, cant you be civil? he just wants to help Frodo...

Oh Glimi, we love you!
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