January 11th, 2003

Willow by 'Lothy'
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soulvamp (AKA Spike from 'Buffy' has a journal[1]) : Yeah, a bubble bath. *sniffs indignantly* Nuttin' wrong with it. I use very harsh, angry bubbles. *grr*

[1] Yes, I know what sockpuppets are.
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from manhattan

so i'm working on finishing a wool shawl and i'm pulling the insides out of a ball of Lopi and there's only the outer layers of the ball left... Mystic grabs it and sticks her hand inside... "Hah! I am Wool-Hand!" ::shakes ball of wool menacingly:: "Baaaa! Baaaaa! Fear me!" she cracks me up so badly.
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When I grow up, I wanna be a unicorn. And I'll have a purple tail and big shiny hot-pink wings, and I'll be the magical fairy unicorn princess of the whole world!
antibiotics, oh yes
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-- hisgreyeyes

My calf muscle has been twitching for about 10 minutes straight. It's actually sort of cool, but definitely disturbing me at the same time. Every so often my whole leg twitches or my other calf joins in for kicks. I think they're speaking in morse code. My legs are leading a revolution.
Twitching become more urgent. They know I'm on to them. YOU SHALL NEVER SUCCEED, LEFT LOWER CALF. *shakes fist*
-- sporkninja
Fox and magpie (art (c) kyoht.com)

The Great Donut Takeover

"Tim Horten's [donut shop] is taking over the world!!!! I swear, a year ago, there was only one in the area. Now there are about 5!!!! Ah, at least the food is much better than McDonald's and doesn't cost that much more. *whines* And I'm addicted to the little tea biscuits and soup."

- coresti

Any Canadian member here will understand and sympathize with that statement.
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Fox and magpie (art (c) kyoht.com)

Safe and sound...

From autumnfaerie as seen here.

On the status of her action figures...

"Um, other than that, nothing is going on. I'm happy to report that Action Figure Sam is still alive and well, Grima didn't kill him in the night. I knew it was a good thing I got Theoden when I got Grima. Theoden is keeping things straight around here."

This sounds an awful lot like what goes on at Plastic Town. O.o;;
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