January 5th, 2003

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It must be some thing with Peter where he has to have everyone think someone is dead between each movie. Like inbetween FOTR and TTT people think Gandalf is dead, but oh no! he isn't. Same goes for Haldir. So in ROTK he'll come back and be like, "it's only a flesh wound!"...... o.O


Hobbits with bazookas - that's a very scary thought. Although I suppose it would make the whole of LotR a lot easier for everybody... XD

XDXD They should have potato guns. That would be great. "OH NO, FARMER MAGGOT HAS HIS POTATO GUN!!!"
XD!! "What is taters?" "Potatoes. PO-TA-TOES. ::shoots with potato gun::" XD
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Mixed bag...

Finally saw some of Sid and Nancy. Gary Oldman? I love him. I love him a lot. Like I love Val Kilmer. Only he's Gary Oldman, so it's different.
-- oliveoyl

A vicar I know, Ove, was working on Gotland back in the seventies. There was another vicar on that island at the same time, Cesarius Cavallin. Now, the baptizing process includes a mild form of exorcism, something in the line of "free and keep this child from evil," but Cavallin took it quite a few steps further, shouting "Out, Satan!" and thus creating quite a few headlines. At about this time, a young couple with a child came to Ove to discuss baptism, and they asked, "You won't exorcise the devil, will you?" Ove replied, "No, by all means, if you want to keep him that's fine with me."
-- kattahj

Well, obviously, I made it through the holidays alive. So, I assume, did most of you. If you didn't, stop reading now; the rest will only make you jealous of life and then you will have to eat someone's brains. And it's all fun and games until someone loses a brain. Then it's politics.
-- phantom_wolfboy