January 4th, 2003

cannot pass

the bally ballyness of Sauron

flambeau wrote a wonderful Jeeves and Wooster entry for cesperanza's Elf Fic Challenge.

merripestin: Now you've got me imagining Hugh Laurie singing a cheery parlor-song style A Elbereth Gilthoniel. And something along the lines of,
"Mae govannen," im pennin.
"Mae govannen," Motty pent.
"Mae govannen, mae govannen."
"Mae govannen, mae govannen, mae govannen."
Ab si, pedi annan na uanui.

yonmei: I just went to a scary visual place where Hugh Laurie said "I'll take the deuced Ring, but dash it, Jeeves, I don't know the way."
And Stephen Fry responded "May I suggest a map, sir?"

[I'm aware my elvish sucks, thanks]
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