January 3rd, 2003

bitch PLEASE

wheeee ann larimer!

bnh: i'm fucking terrified of my own death. more later.
annlarimer: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Don't. Even. Start. I've been doing that for two weeks now. Fucking Silmarillion.
bnh: At least the elves know where they go after they die. Stupid fucking elves.
annlarimer: Bastards. And stupid Iluvatar and his stupid fucking 'gift.' THANKS A BUNCH, ILUVATAR!
bnh: And you can't even fucking return it!
annlarimer: ::falls over, rolls on floor with delight::

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It amazes me how retarded I am, if I were to think 'Oh, it's some axe murderer on the roof. Fah, if he comes in here I'll beat him with the flashlight.' I could fall asleep but instead my mind goes to '!!!!!JESUSFUCKINGCHRISTIT'STHEUNDEAD/GHOST/DEMON/MORMONS COMING AFTER ME .....maybe if I lay here and STARE AT THE WINDOW FOR A GOOD FUCKING 15 MINUTES IT WILL GO AWAY!!!' >_< >_< >_<

So I stared at the window for probably 20 minutes after the noise and kept picturing , bloody crusty hands pressing against the glass, a bloated drown face pressing against the glass, a non-human face against the glass...while it never occurs to me IT MIGHT BE SOME FUCKING DRUNK HOMOSEXUAL PARTYING SQUIRREL OUT AFTER HOURS.

Wow Neat

Heck, as long as we're on a LOTR kick anyway...

I want to put a hit out on Peter Jackson. Haldir didn't die in the books...he didn't even GO to Helm's Deep, I'm thinking. But, then again, Haldir's part was pretty much done in the first book so maybe I should love PJ for giving me a little more Haldir...
no...he killed him...bastard...
No...we's love Peter Jackson... He the Master...he give us Haldir...
NO...Master Tricks us!! Master Kills Haldir...we Kills the Master...then WE be the Master...
Oh...sorry...myself and myself were having a discussion...
*mumbles about the precious and slinks into shadow*
-- halima

About HellBelle's Eomerlust poem:
sonoffire: But what about your "waves of lust" for Legolas and the Ringwraith? Won't they feel jilted? I guess there is just too many LOTR boys and not enough Hellbelle to go around.
hellbelle: And you forgot Boromir. I'm an equal-opportunity slut.
weave: I dunno, seems like there's enough of her to go around...that's ONLY three, and i've seen meeker girls take double that and a doberman...