The Bear Jew (oliveoyl) wrote in metaquotes,
The Bear Jew

From here:

naamah_darling: You know, this, THIS is why vampires are cranky. They still have some annoying-ass rondel from the thirteenth century stuck in their immortal skulls.

Come on. You know some were scarred by the popular music of their own youth:

"Christ! Not Chopin! They overplayed this piece of shit back in 1839. It sucked then, it sucks now!"

"Yeah. And George Sand? Totally his Yoko."

deltashade: But you fail to take into account the vampires who were born when the only musical screw-up was Yoko. They're the annoying ones. They compare everything to Yoko. Everything.

"What's that you've got there? 'Bitch You Need My Dick in You'? Yeah, Yoko did it better."

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