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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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(no subject)
divabat wrote in metaquotes
If this isn't already here, it should be.

From editinggod:

So, yesterday, i was feeling a little dejected from the results of the election as I stepped on the bus. Following me, was a class of small children around first or second grade. This entire class took up most of the bus, so I sat at the back with a few of the kids. There were two boys who were back there, and one of the boys was taunting the other one "You like boys, you like boys!" The boy who was being taunted pouted and then glared, "My GRAMMA says it's okay to like BOYS."

What? Way to go, Gramma!

And then a bunch of other kids got caught up in the conversation. I thought they were going to be picking on the boy too, but no, they joined his side! "My uncle likes boys!" "My sister likes girls." "My uncle likes boys and his boyfriend brings me COOKIES!" and so on and so on. The teacher just smiled and sat back, letting them handle it.

At that moment, even if just for a moment, i realized that Life really isn't -that- bad.

That just made my day a hell of a lot better.

excellent icon and taste in television, there.

also, thank you SO MUCH for this post -- I was feeling sad and it made me smile.

That's the greatest thing I've read all week!

I second that.

Or several weeks, in my case.

Cute icon, by the way.

Hahaha, that's so cute. "and he brings me COOKIES!" Awesome.

somedays... there is hope

that so rocks!

...that's really amazing.

Thank you for that bit of hope!

(Deleted comment)
Eddie. Izzard. Is. My. Hero.

"But... I didn't join the Army, as you might've noticed..." *eyes dart around*

That is an absolutely wonderful story.

That is fantastic. And surprising. How completely cute. :)

From the mouths of babes. *grins*

Very inspiring and 'awww' inducing story. :)

My favorite bit is the one about cookies. Trust kids to know what's important.