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The gollum commentary

From peacockharpy here

One of Meg's [her young daughter's] current favorite things to do is take Mr. PH's statue of Gollum (it's not breakable) and press the buttons that make it speak. She especially likes to do this while I'm listening to NPR, which results in interconnections like this:

"Today, John Kerry conceded the election to George W. Bush..."

Filthy little hobbits! They stole it from us!

"President Bush addresed the crowd, stating he has a mandate..."

Master's my friend!

"Meanwhile, the Democrats are left trying to determine how a massive get-out-the-vote effort failed to materialize the needed numbers to defeat the incumbent..."

Smeeeeeeeagolllllllll... why does it cry, Smeagol?

"And President Bush outlined new plans for the war in Iraq."

He is calling all armies to him to make his war, which will cover all the world in shadow.
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