Crevette (crevette) wrote in metaquotes,

I meant to metaquote this a few days ago...

With permission from a locked post by the ever lovely and wonderous raphaela about why the world hates the US:

The Middle East hates us because we are the West. We are blind and clueless to their culture and try to solve their religious squabbles over land with our irreligious practicality. They hate us because we pat them on the respective turbans and yarmulkes and say, "Riiiiiight, Mohammed and Abraham said this land was yours. That's so holy and junk! But hey, listen, that was a long time ago, so we can just move past that, right?" And they say, "No! Our GOD gave us this land!" And we say, "I totally understand, but here's the deal, (finger quotes) God (finger quotes) may have (finger quotes) given you the land (finger quotes), but not everyone believes that. So you have to be tolerant, see?" And then they say, "Infidels!" and go throw more rocks at each other. The West cannot solve the problems of the Middle East because we actually are infidels. So sad.
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