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From a friendslocked entry on farohji, what to do in the next Canadian election if Paul Martin sucks.

farohji: *pokes Martin* don't cave. we don't want to suck up
cupcakery: Be strong, Martin! Or I shall have to raise Pierre Trudeau from the dead to flip everyone off once more
farohji: XD he'd be better
farohji: next election i'm so voting for zombie!Trudeau
cupcakery: zombie!Trudeau!
farohji: i'm sure he'll be just as good a PM. just... keep your limbs out of reach and avoid walking on any random flesh he may have lost
cupcakery: We'd just have to smack him on the nose whenever he got too brains-feedy-happy
farohji: XD yeah, Shaune of the Dead style and we'd be good
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