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yep. another election post. the fear is setting in now.

My first metaquote. :)

In this post, elz sums up everything I'm feeling about a second Bush term:

So when I say that I'm upset about the results of the election, it's not that I'm whining because I didn't get my way. It's that I'm genuinely scared for my life and my liberty. You want to heal the rift in the nation? Prove to me that my fears are unfounded. Treat the planet, the poor, the citizens of other countries with respect. Show me that we only go to war when we have to and that you really do believe that free speech is worth defending even when it's saying something that you don't like. Give me more reasons not to compare George W. Bush with Herbert Hoover when it comes to the economy. Succeed in building a free, peaceful, democratic Iraq.

I'll be over here, planting trees, looking up the number for my local soup kitchen and praying really, really hard.
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