mr five dollar foot long's sweet caboose (snacky) wrote in metaquotes,
mr five dollar foot long's sweet caboose

comice has some things to say in the wake of this election:

I am an American.

Even if I left this country, I would always be an American, born and raised with the notion that I can do anything as long as I am free.

That means that I can dissent.

That means that I can fight for what I believe is right.

That means I can stand with the half of this nation who does not believe that we are headed in the right direction and hold my head high today.

John Kerry may concede this race, but I will never concede this nation, and particularly not to a small percentage of the Republican party who will rule (as they have done for four years) as autocrats.

The autocrats may rule this nation for now, but if they do so with no willingness to admit that a slight majority of the people is representative not of a mandate, but of a house divided, I believe that they do it at their own peril.

I also believe that it is at the peril of us all, but that is a topic for another day.

Believe me when I say that I understand the anger and the depression I hear from everyone around me, and I share it. I shed hot, angry tears in the shower this morning, and anyone who knows me knows that I am not a person who cries easily. But I did cry, not for myself, but for all the people whose lives will be made harder by what has just happened: the poor will get poorer; the sick will not get aid; our rights will become more abridged.

These are all hard truths. They are hard to type, and they are hard to hear.

But they are absolutely reasons to get out of bed in the morning, even when what I want to do is to pull the covers up over my head.

I have to stand up.

I have to keep fighting.

Nobody ever promised me that it would be easy.

Nobody ever promised me that I would win.

But I am going to stand up.

I am going to keep fighting.

I believe that I will not be standing alone.

I believe that I will be surrounded by my brothers and sisters who are the "minority" in this nation.

I might be tired, but I am still standing.

Stand up with me.
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