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It's not's heartbreaking....

The very beautiful fox1013 says it perfectly...

And I do not understand- I do not understand- how it is that gay marriage is abominable because of religion, yet it's okay to visit stores which are open on Sundays or serve meat on Fridays or what have you. Who decides which parts of their religion are valid and which are superstition? And how is the part about love the part that is seen as the biggest abomination?

And I wonder how it is that we got to this point, where politics matter so much, and not at all, and I stopped self-identifying as "gay" sometime in the past year because I've talked to people and it seems disingeuous, somehow, but I still don't identify as straight and I don't identify as Christian and I don't identify as Male and that means I have nothing in this country.

And I don't want to leave, because I love Pennsylvania and I love New York and I even love New Jersey, dammit.

But this is not the greatest country in the world. And that has nothing to do with if Bush won or Kerry won or anything. This is the fact that we chose, in eleven states, that some people's rights are worth less than others'. And that we are a divided country, and I want us to be together, but I do not understand how that's even possible when my point of view means nothing because I am not the right type of person.

And I want to know where I can start my next fight.

Because I cannot just keep taking this.

My life is at stake. And sometimes, scarily, I wonder how exaggerated that is.

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