Tiara (divabat) wrote in metaquotes,

cleolinda, talking about hodags:

I'm reading this Wikipedia entry and Stereotypically Urban Cleo pops into my head--let's call her C. Jo--is all like, "Daaaamn, girl, what's that shit? That shit is wack." (Not only is C. to Tha J. O. stereotypical, she's also incredibly passé.) "That," I say, "is the hodag." "You just call me a ho, bitch?" says Cizzle to the J. Izzle. "IMA CUTCHOO." Fortunately, I have a taser, so I win. (It's a little game we play sometimes, Rock-Taser-Switchblades. Try it, it's fun.) "Look, I'm not talking about you," I say, while the last of the electricity frizzles out of C. Jo's hair. "I'm talkin' 'bout that cracked-up bitch-ass spiny triceradog." "Aw... yeah..." says C. Jo. She's still twitching a little. "What the fuck... is that, anyway? It's like a pitbull... fucked a sewer alligator. Dag, yo."
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