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Beautiful Simona takes a warm load in her tight pink love box...

... and that's an ACTUAL subject line from a piece of spam

Dear Spammers:

Spam is fine. I can deal with it. I've gotten over the fact that I get bombarded with thousands if not tens of thousands of pieces of spam a week.

But I'm gay. I don't like pussy. I like cock. Boys. Men. Penis. Booty sex. Pole smoking. Fudge packing. All that sort of stuff.

And, I don't mean to toot my own horn, but my penis is just fine. It's not huge, but it's large. It does the job. I've had no complaints.

I don't need herbal supplements or pills or pumps or any kind of contraption. So leave me alone!

Thank you for hearing my gripes.


Happy with my boy-loving penis

~jeffla, in response to a recent spam email.
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