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Been watching for a while, but this is my first post. Thought I was laughing too hard to say I shouldn't bother metaquotes with it, so...

Written by bronriel (though the quote is actually by belgiansan) in an unlocked-by-request post, with permission:

During an IM conversation this afternoon, belgiansan was telling me about the Toastem Popups (aka fake Pop Tarts) his stepdaughter had bought at an American Army base. He was particularly interested in the box they came in:

San: why does ANYTHING have toasting instructions?
San: "remove fake pop tarts toaster pastry from the pouch and place vertically into the toaster"
San: well duh, now I know what I was doing wrong by putting them diagonally into the washing machine
San: "attend toaster while heating"
San: because they are so yummy the toaster might EAT THEM
San: "and children should always be supervised"
San: apparently, pop tarts are just a tasty hors d'oevre...after the appetizers, the toaster starts eating your children too

Hope I did that right!
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