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long time listener, first time opportunist!

aeroplanic's most recent episode with her retarded boss, wherein she booked him a flight to vienna on austrian airlines, via united (who issues the AA tickets in the US):
BOSS: This itinerary says United Airlines! I wanted the Austrian flight!
Kater: It is the Austrian flight. It’s operated by Austrian.
BOSS: But it says United. I don’t want United. I don’t like United. I won’t fly United.
Kater: Well it’s actually just the flight number that is United because they are selling the seats in the U.S. for that flight.
BOSS: (obviously confused to hell) But…it says UNITED.
Kater: Yes but…you see it’s the same plane whether you buy the ticket through Austrian or United. They both put you on the same plane. If you buy the tickets in the US they are issued by United.
BOSS: Well I don’t know….call the travel agency and ask them. Ask them “Does the plane I am on say ‘Austrian Airlines’ on the side?” I don’t want to fly on a United Plane.

So I killed him.
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