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Just leave AIM's money on the dresser...

Hi guys, long time listener, first time caller. Or something. Anyway, I just can't keep this a secret.

From naeko's conversation here, which only gets better.

[02:10] Livlet: aim is a whore. we should pimp it out to other chat programs
[02:10] Livlet: we can each wear that wine and gray suit to complete the effect
[02:10] Daddy: "talkie talkie - two dollar!"
[02:10] Livlet: and i wouldn't mind slapping aim around a bit
[02:10] Daddy: with da pimp cane.

And later in the conversation:

[02:29] Daddy: I'm going to be thinking of Windows spanking aim mid-thrust and yelling "Where do you want to go today?"
[02:30] Livlet: And the action in the other room which involves, "Yes! Yes! Yes I yahoooooooo!"


EDIT: Had to add a snippet on the re-read. Couldn't be helped.
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