Cat (linguafranca) wrote in metaquotes,

A visit to the video store

meandean in customers_suck, here. You really have to read the whole thing.

I am hardly a fashion plate; I think I own maybe three shirts that actually have buttons. Still, if I'm going out amongst other human beings, I try to wear clothes that are not held together by soaked-in fast food condiment spills, I use a sharper implement than a fork to shave, I don't consider Skoal Bandits to be dental hygiene aids, and I avoid stinkiness due to Kymster tying me to the hood of the truck and putting me through the automatic car wash twice a week. Alas, members of peckerwood blathervaricus --- commonly known as American Trailer Trash --- are not encumbered by such snobbish, highfalutin behavior.
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