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hantamouse Loses His Cool

I just realized how similar trying to understand the Dramatica story engine is to trying to understand a Tarot reading.

This card represents the consequences of failing to achieve the story goal. and you draw, The Future. Wow.
The next card is the genuine solution to the main characters problem. And the card is Avoidance

Now unlike Tarot, Dramatica has just decided to play the rest of this literary divination without your help. It will go through the deck, pick out most of the rest of the cards for you, and throw all but two or three away.
Ok, the cost that must be paid is Obtaining. - Ok, Thats dead on.
The main character believes the problem to be one of Faith. - Er, I guess, sorta, maybe, kinda. Not really.
What makes the main character uniquely qualified is Obligation. - What? I just... enurgh-*Brain Seizure*
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