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Chemistry gets more interesting...

gotstrings88 and her friend had an interesting time answering some questions in Chemistry class the other day:

Question: What does the above (facts about petroleum) have to do with The Gulf War in the early 90's and the war going on in the Middle East today?
Answer: Well, plainly the issue here is human greed. If we cared more for the baby seals and the sad-eyed seabirds than for our own secret black desires to posess more and more oil, we would not have gone to war. In addition, oil is the cause of all war in history. Napolean's conquest into Russia and now Germany was obviously to get their last oil reserves. Alexander the Great and Charles the V held their ground against the Turks because they wanted Turkish oil. As we can see, history is a tale of greed and duplicity and we should all move to Canada, heaven on earth.
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