whitetower (whitetower) wrote in metaquotes,

irradiatedsoup on those "how to look like somebody famous" articles.

I saw this thing on ninemsn.com before about how to "Get Keira Knightley's Look!" I bloody hate those articles in magazines and etcetera. Oh yes, because, like, totally as soon as we put on some makeup and clothes vaguely similar to what a famous person wore..once, we will completely have their look. People will stop and stare because today I am wearing eyeliner and therefore look exactly like Keira Knightley.

Magazine readers of the world? Here is some free advice from Aunty Claire. You want Keira Knightley's look for real? Do it like I do* It only takes three simple steps;

1. Don't eat for a year.

2. Move to England.

3. When Keira isn't looking, stone her, slice her open and wear her skin. You'll need some strong fishing twine and it'll come off eventually but it's the perfect "Keira look" for at least a month. And when you're done it makes a great, nutritious meal for Fido.

*To Any Sekrit Service people reading this. I'm kidding of course! I swear I've only done it twice. And Vanessa barely misses her skin.
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