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avelena reads up on the Middle Ages...

"The Middle Ages were so fucked up.I'm reading some of their laws and they've got a category for the stealing of women. If you steal a woman you pay 60 shillings, and the way they word it it sounds like a normal occurance:

"4. But those who commit rape shall be compelled to pay 2500 denars, which make 63 shillings.

5. But if they have carried off that girl from behind lock and key, or from the spinning room, they shall be sentenced to the above price and penalty."

That's right, if you find your woman or girl is missing please call your local police and we will try and find them as soon as possible. Please do not panic sir, we're sure it's just Bill from down the street again, in fact, I'm sure if you look out you're window you'll see him and his buddies tying her to the tree again. Yes, I'll hold...See, I told you, would you like to press any charges? Alright then sir, I'm sure we'll be having a talk with Bill soon anyway, and if he presses any violence charges against you we'll be sure to drop them."

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