River Blue (ex_riverblue937) wrote in metaquotes,
River Blue

I love Seidoo's humor!

seidoo_ryuu offers a disclaimer before a post about Mary Sues:

...However, seeing as no one actually reads the disclaimer, I can pretty much type any fool thing I want and get away with it. Therefore, the namby flifto zinger ploo is wildly out of proportion with the bleebler slyfto meter. Now with extra runfloof voozer splazz! I hope you're paying attention to this, as there will be a pop quiz after the ramble. Don't act like you think I'm not serious. Grooty mumber quiffle plorf, and so on. Whoa, cool--purple zebras!! In conclusion, when one is calibrating the hygronomic chicken exfoliant cube, one must be extra cautious in making sure that you don't overload the nubbly kimble meter. It's very sensitive to such things. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
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