Dozer, who hates pants (orimornie) wrote in metaquotes,
Dozer, who hates pants

*curses LJ lag*

*waves timidly*

This is funnier :)

I think I should be in charge of picking Olympic sports. The Biathalon for example, as weird as it is, I see the whole physical prowress thing they have supporting it. Ski cross-country X amount of miles, get your heart good and pumpin, then come to a sudden stop and make yourself shoot at an itty bitty target. Surely making cross country trails, the equipment, or ammunition is a costly venture? Let's just give em a stair master or a tread mill. Let them work themselves out on that for, Oh I don't know, 30 minutes or so, and then let them loose on a target. Better yet...Duck Hunt. That is the ultimate sport there. Work yourself tired on an elleptical glide and hop off only to have a duck hunt gun forced in your hand. Worst part is the public embarassament if you miss. That dog's laughter is enough to haunt you in your sleep.
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