Ket Makura (ketmakura) wrote in metaquotes,
Ket Makura

It's good to have fun with your family...

...but not to torture them:

There was a call from a bill collector at about 10am something, we (her and her Mutti) both picked up the phone at the same time, but I decided to wait and listen.

The lady had a southern accent and when she played the number message for my mom, I disguised my voice saying "ma'am? ma'am?....hello?"

Mutti kept tryin to respond during the message, so when it quit i said "ma'am? you still there?"

Mutti said "yes? I'm still here."

I said "Good! Cause I'm hungry!"

I could hear my mom move the phone away from her ear saying "what the?"

-- From a locked post by amnesiac157, grammar edited. It amused me, at least.
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