Invading a personal space near you (blunder_buss) wrote in metaquotes,
Invading a personal space near you

Them: "You have perfect childbearing hips!" (Or some such asshatted remark.)

Me: "Yeah, they're nice and roomy, aren't they?" *pats backside*

Them: "Shouldn't have any problems having kids."

Me: "Nope. It's amazing what can fit out of there. Or in there, for that matter. Ha ha!"

Them: ". . ." *blinks uncertainly*

Me: "Seriously. They're a blessing. It sure makes fisting a Hell of a lot easier since I 'blossomed.' Hee hee."

Them: "I think I hear my mother calling me."

Me: "No, that's just the echo from my GIANT CUNT! Bye now. Have a nice day."

They've never stayed for that last retort, though. The remark about fisting usually shuts them right up.

-- naamah_darling
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