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I just HAD to post this one.
One particularly disturbing tale was of a girl who thought her Sim kids weren't pretty enough and wanted beautiful children for her Sims. So she went about this in a particularly baroque and macabre way. She created a family of beautiful Sims with pretty kids then drowned the parents so that the children would be taken away for adoption. The children were then added to the adoption pool and the original kids the ones who 'were ugly and had bad names' were introduced to the family swimming pool, wherein the ladders were quickly deleted.

The thing that made me laugh out loud is that she was
surprised her plan was foiled. The adoption service wouldn't allow the parents to adopt the pretty kids on the grounds that they'd drowned their own offspring for being unsightly.

Er...yeah...I'd imagine even computer generated social services would take a dim view of such gruesome eugenics.
minkboylove about some of the people on a SIMS 2 Message board.
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