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Plotbunny Rant

naamah_darling laments various plot bunnies in her head.

I'd just dismiss it as random jitters, but in the past three days, a full-blown plot has emerged from the bushes, snuck in through a carelessly open window, and ambushed me in my sleep. Now I am tied to a chair while this hunky vampire guy tells me his un-life story. As hostage situations go, this one is pretty cool. He's not mounting to show dominance or peeing in the corners or anything. But it could escalate at any moment. In three more days, I could be lying on my back, writhing and leaking in submission like a badly-housebroken puppy while he rearranges my mental furniture to Feng Shui his inner itch and raids my fridge for lime Jell-o and instant pudding.

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