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Get Your Inner Republican On.

Some setup for those who may not be familiar with it - GoodToBeInDC is GJ RPG where folks role-play a variety of historical/contemporary political figures (or not so political figures), amusing the masses with their views on politics today, esp. the upcoming US Presidential Election.

From a locked post, with modern_maria's permission:

Just a little more than 24 hours into my "GoodToBeInDC" foray, and I'm already beginning to understand what it's like to think like a Bush supporter (or at least a hanger-on/parasite that makes his fortune off Bush supporters, which is more how I see the man).

It's quite fun Being Bill O'Reilly. There are only a few things one needs keep in mind:
* I am always right. If I am wrong, change position so as to appear right and insist it was my position all along.
* Life ain't nothin' but bitches an' money.
* Rupert Murdoch will protect me no matter what I do or say.
* I am a god. Or as close to such a thing as exists.
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