Fish are my fandom now. (threegoldfish) wrote in metaquotes,
Fish are my fandom now.

I find this a deeply important issue myself.

Gauging the public response to my last politically-oriented post, its obvious the primary issue of concern to Americans (or at least the 4 or 5 of them who post in my livejournal) is not Terrorism, or Abortion, or Iraq, or Taxes, its the undead.


I consider myself pretty liberal, but I might have to draw the line at vampires. There's something deeply revolting about a critter that is DEAD and somehow keeps moving by draining life from other things. It gives me the willies the same way shaved Texan homophobes carry revulsion and fear for the gay community (- except that whereas its silly to be afraid of two guys getting in on in the hotel room next door, its not totally unreasonable to fear something that absorbs bullets, sucks blood, and controls your mind. For instance, it would be much easier to pass a constitutional amendment in defense of your carotid arteries.
~tianyu here
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