Tiara (divabat) wrote in metaquotes,

talks about her Physics class...

Here is a story I would like to share
About a class with assignments that weren't fair
Like when Mr. I Know Everything said
Do this assignment, or be dead
Yet some do not have the expensive program of Excel
And because of this we are doomed to hell
So oh so Mr. Brilliant emailed it as txl
But he emailed the wrong assignment, *sigh* oh well
Well not oh well you pompous idiot
You lousy good for nothing bigot!
I've got to get this homework done
But how can I, this is no fun!
So now I say as I always do
The worlds unfair and so are you!

Desperate housewives on a 9
I really haven't got the time
To sit around and try to rhyme
But nothing in the world is fine
I haven't started history
This lab, it really puzzles me
How can a person be so dumb
I swear he must still suck his thumb
And why must I be such a hater
After all Harvard was his alma mater
But honestly, then can you see
Why all of this is troubling me

The world's in shackles and I'm in chains
The children have filled up with brains
Yet are we going all insane
The room was wide the room was plain
With mattress along the walls
And security roams through the halls
What goes up, usually falls
I wish I really had the balls

So quit my goddamn Physics class.
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