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suddenleap vs. the Bug!

I was walking down the street sipping a cup of water on my way home from fencing when a little tiny bug flew into my eye. I swore and blinked and managed to at least get to a point where it didn't feel too crappy even though I was pretty sure it was still in my eye. Then, as I started to cross the street, the bug somehow fell from my eye into my water! So that's pretty nasty. And to make matters worse, when I tried to fish it out it went underwater and most likely drowned, making me feel sad and guilty. I did get it out of the cup pretty quickly and blew it off my finger to go make its way in the world or lie dead on the pavement as it saw fit. But geez, that one little bug had assaulted my eye, my water and my conscience all in the space of about ten seconds!
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