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New member; hello!

bookshop sends Neil Gaiman a Very Special Missive. Cut for length:

Dear Neil,

I shouldn't even be contacting you, as there are approximately 9 more squealing rabid Gaiman fans on the earth for every lackadaisical fan who's just read GO once or twice and/or possibly a bit of Sandman here and there, and who keeps up with you mostly through all the rest of the squealing fans who link to your blog with comforting regularity. I am one of those measley 10 per cent types. But my friend Cyg has promised to write me Aziraphale/ Crowley fic involving a root vegetable if this letter actually makes it onto your blog, and for root vegetable slash there are few things I will not do, so here I am. Hello!

A few of my friends and I have been trying to track down the latest status on the Good Omens movie, and having had no luck at the Gilliam page on your FAQ, the latest update of which is 2 years old, we eventually found this rumor on IMDB that the film producers just put in a request to
another unnamed director:

Would you be willing to confirm this? Or, if the status of the movie is still dead in the water, can't you and/or Mr. Pratchett sort of magically morph into prestigious authors with full authorial control and buy the rights back? If you are tapped out of funds, perhaps you could enlist the aid of the fans. We could hold fund drives and create livejournal communities, which is really every fan's wet dream. There could be bake sales. Think of the cookies, Neil. Don't let us down.

Do principalities even like vegetables?

Your 10% fan,

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