this one laughing quietly underneath my breath (stoicsweetmint) wrote in metaquotes,
this one laughing quietly underneath my breath

on scorched_earth's encounter with hobos on the way to an Interpol concert:

"The hobo seems adamant, and I am not the type of man who takes to battling hobos." The situation continues to get increasingly uncomfortable and hits its peak around the time the hobo makes some comment about the foam in Claudia's coffee being analogous to cum dripping down her cheek. Did you just recoil in horror? Well you weren't there! You'll never know the terror of actually hearing an abrasive hobo say this to you in person!


Although the night was spectacular, it was not, however, without a few kinks. Namely that, due to God's extreme disdain for me (I may or may not have made one too many jokes about how the Virgin Mary must have been a little less than honest about her sexual history), Claudia, Anthony, and I had the pleasure of standing behind Kissy McMakeoutinpublic and Touchy Von Interpolmakesmehorny. I mean, an Interpol concert? Really? That's your ideal place to discuss how you truly love one-another and then stick your tongues down each other's throats? And this has to be in front of me?

It does, you say? Oh. Then continue. (Damn you God.)

I would highly recommend reading the original entry.
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