Silmaril (silmaril) wrote in metaquotes,

Another two-for-one

First, mdrnprometheus wrote a serious, well-thought-out post about one issue that has never come up in election discussions so far:

I speak, of course, of zombies. As we all know, the time is not far off when the dead of our great nation will rise from their graves as zombies bent upon devouring the flesh of the living. We need a President who has a plan to deal with that menace...
[go read the whole post, really not a good place to cut]
George W. Bush in 2004. Because, you know, there might be zombies.

Then the subject of K-questions somehow came up in the comment threads, and turnberryknkn started gently reminiscing about them:

K-type: At some points during 1st year Anatomy, I was certain I was going to end up at some point in the semester standing on top of the computer lab desk, emptying a clip of 9 mm bullets straight down into the computer I was doing flashcards on, screaming "A AND C, NOT B THIS, MOTHERF---"

Oh, I'm sorry, am I having a post-traumatic flashback again?
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