I have a mitten and a chicken puppet! (tzikeh) wrote in metaquotes,
I have a mitten and a chicken puppet!

The 'danes are so *cute* when they try to be weird.

A coworker who writes music on the side has the Upright Citizens Brigade performing a Halloween musical of his, "Killjoy." It's supposed to be very gory, very obscene, very politically incorrect. Naturally, I want to go. Coworker keeps saying, quite carefully, "Now, it's really raw. It's not for everybody." I keep saying, "Oh, I bet it would be fun!" This is English. The Fanspeak translation, which I cannot share at the office, is: "In my spare time I have written sadomasochistic gay vampire porn and distributed it to minors. Your puny attempts to shock me make me laugh." -- yahtzee63, here
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