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Deep Adjuster Thoughts

What we're really thinking while we're peering at our computer screens so intently at work (complete with the Orlando Bloom wallpaper in the background).

At a casual glance, one might think this was going through my well-trained, steel trap Adjuster mind:

We previously paid $880.00 to provider X, and the elimination period was 30 days...the provider didn't notify us that the PH went into another facility, so we'll have to repay the claim and deduct what was previously paid...

meanwhile, I'm *really* thinking...

...and then there's a sudden rainstorm and he's very wet and he's very cold--why, he needs to come into my home and get warm! Here, let me take those soaking wet clothes from you and he peels off his shirt--


::violins play::
::train goes into dark tunnel::
::tiger attacks its trainer::
::a dolphin leaps out of the water::
::housecats boxing::
::a man on a unicycle falls down::
::footage of some random building being demolished::

And then, cigarettes.

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