Lib (libram) wrote in metaquotes,

A Familiar Scenario

chaide, on LJ angst:

I'm going to feel really sorry for myself and wait for that perfect girl to talk to me. It'll be like a movie! We'll go out for coffee and have that casual second date, then on one rainy night I'll just kncok on her door and it will be love right on the front porch!

Oh man, I can't wait!

I mean, she hasn't come up to me yet. And I'm feeling really shitty because of it, you know? Sometimes I feel so shitty that I abuse myself because it eases the pain. I guess that's what happens when I revolve my entire life around one person that barely even notices my existence.

But gee wiz, I can't wait until somebody so unrealistically perfect just prances over to me, despite all of my obvious imperfections, and loves me til death do us part!

Oh wow, I found somebody! Oh shit. I'm too clingy. Oh shit. It's their fault (definitely not mine! no, never!) things are starting to fuck up! Now I'm really sad and want to further my abuse because the world owes me something! Why did she leave me!?!

I'll just post it in my LIVEJOURNAL!.
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