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New here. Quote from quatre_vingts, found here.

KatzenMiauen: Oh Brian, I love you! Now that I'm in college, life can be perfect even though I still live with the day to day fear of the Labyrinth and Him.
KatzenMiauen: Haha, Sarah, I have returned for you! You see...(complicated story line)...and that is why you must come back with me!
Teh Nixical: Let's hope he doesn't appear out of nowhere and kidnap her again!
Teh Nixical: GAH!
KatzenMiauen: I refuse! I'm happy with Brian and my college life!
KatzenMiauen: I see... Then I guess I must.. KIDNAP YOU!
KatzenMiauen: 40 pages later...
Teh Nixical: *plays hard to get*
Teh Nixical: "Do me!"
KatzenMiauen: Oh Jareth, I now realize that every other guy I went out with could never own up to you, and that I was subconsciously comparing them to you! I thought you were a villain, but now that you have shown me your library and how kind you are to your subjects, I must marry you!
KatzenMiauen: Precious Sarah, let us kiss with tongues!
Teh Nixical: *dead*
KatzenMiauen: The End.
KatzenMiauen: And thus concludes the ENTIRE Laby fanfic section
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