Rev. Karl (kmusser) wrote in metaquotes,
Rev. Karl

The Truth About The Kirk/Spock Ticket

From theferrett

At first glance, the Democratic nomination of James T. Kirk for the Presidential ticket seems like the sort of political no-brainer that nobody could argue with. After all, Kirk is a decorated war veteran - wounded three times in the line of duty, awarded not only the Medal of Honor but the Silver Palm with cluster - and an outspoken leader in the Klingon war.

Yes, Kirk has been written up several times for insubordination, a fact which Republicans have noted to much smoke and no heat. Kirk's a maverick, but Federation voters love a strong leader - and his missions usually ended in triumph, which Republicans may forget but the voters have not. (Also, most of his supposed transgressions involve the Prime Directive, an outdated and unpopular law that good conservatives have tried for years to repeal.)

But is James T. Kirk truly a war hero?

Read the rest in which Kirk's record is examined in detail
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