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Terrorism and irrational fear

imlac totally rocks.

This country has survived a revolutionary war, a civil war, two world wars, a cold war and countless foreign wars. We have gone up against the most powerful armies this planet has ever seen. We have gone toe-to-toe with superpowers armed with the most destructive weapons known to man. Not only did we come out of these conflicts intact, we have thrived in their wake. Does Kotch really think that a few thousand Islamic militants who have to resort to using civilian airplanes as weapons actually pose a threat to us?

I've said it before and I will say it again: terrorists have killed less people on American soil in the last ten years than SWIMMING POOLS. Almost as many people die in car accidents EVERY WEEK as were killed on 9/11. The flu typically kills about 20,000 people every year; this year because of the vaccine shortage it's expected to be at least 30,000. That's an entire order of magnitude over the number of Americans killed by terrorists in the last decade. Being afraid of terrorism is the height of irrational fear, and public officials who stoke that fear for political currency are demagogues of the worst order.

The rest is here.

(ps: Sorry if my html sucks - I'm totally lost without my lj client. If it's horrible I'll fix it later)

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