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Seeing the big-screen trailer for the sure-to-be-gripping, Tom Clancyesque two-parter H20 (featuring Secret Pretend Boyfriends Paul Gross and Callum "No, Call ME" Keith Rennie) in the theatre the other day was very strange. It was full of urgent end-of-the-world meetings and light-up maps and stuff, but then people kept saying "Mr. Prime Minister" and "Parliament". It was so unexpectedly Canadian! And my first reaction (okay, second, after "Paul Gross!") was to say "Hush! What are you DOING? People are going to NOTICE us!" As Canadians, we're basically the fat kid who lives in a big house in a nice neighbourhood and has lots of toys, and who got assigned a seat next to the biggest bully jock kid in class. The bully jock kid doesn't pay much attention to us, but if we attract his attention it might occur to him that it would be easy to kick our ass and take our nice toys. So we keep goooood and quiet and sit in the corner and watch his movements very, very carefully. We certainly don't make miniserieseses with loud brassy soundtracks and government meetings. And we never talk about forests, oil, or water. The first rule of Giant Land Mass With Many Natural Resources is, you never talk about Giant Land Mass With Many Natural Resources.

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