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Mmmmm, spammy.

From the mind of armadis499:

Ad mailers will try just about anything to get you to open their ad. Usually this involves a witty subject line such as "Hey Bob...", or "I'm over in Houston now." (By the way, I'm in TULSA).
Recently this one mailer decided to use my own name as the "friend" who emailed me. I just couldn't get over this marketing strategy. For one, why would I email myself. Second, if I did, wouldn't I remember it? I thought about it a moment and realized there was a way it could work. The email would have to read something like:

SUBJECT: Check this out!

Dear me,
I got totally wasted last night. I had to email myself because I knew I wouldn't remember the next morning. When me and the guys left the bar last night, we found these TOTALLY KILLER auto insurance rates! We were like "Woah man! This could save us a BUNDLE!" Just a reminder.
*head in toilet*
-- me
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