Tiara (divabat) wrote in metaquotes,

from glittersavvy:

Mum: ...and yeah, just because she's the apple of his eye...
Sam: ...What does that even mean? "The apple of his eye." What?
Mum: It means, like... he adores her -
Sam: I KNOW. I mean, the apple thing. Why? What does that have to do with anything? Where does it come from?
Mum: ...I don't know.
Sam: Now, the only apple thing I can think of is Adam and Eve. And maybe, maybe that would suggest temptation. So the apple of my eye would be tempting. But you can say it about anyone, really, like... my SON is the apple of my eye. Your son is tempting? That is all wrong. So I have no idea, and I don't even like apples, not red ones, anyway...because they make me think of Snow White, and the wicked queen gives her a rosy red apple. And Snow White is tempted by the rosy red apple, which takes us right back to temptation again... Or, in some retellings Snow White is suspicious, but the queen has made the apple so it is red AND green. She only poisons the red half. So when Snow White doesn't want to take it, the wicked queen convinces her it's not dangerous by biting the green half. So Snow White bites the red half. And she...dies. And, I like red... but, therefore, not red apples. Because that could be true and someone could be trying to poison me... even if they're not a wicked queen or a scary old woman. And really, I could imagine that happening, but not that a handsome prince would suddenly ride up on his white horse and kiss me to dislodge the poisoned apple from my throat - how does that WORK anyway? - and then take me away to be his queen, because, that is just ridiculous.
Mum: What are you talking about?
Sam: I do not have a clue.
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