Ricardo non-Montalban (armoire_man) wrote in metaquotes,
Ricardo non-Montalban

High modernist yucks

I am pleased to metaquote aethereal_girl's metajoke:</span>

dhole: You know what's funny?

aethereal_girl: That time [dhole made a lame pun that inordinately amused him]?

dhole: No, it --

aethereal_girl: A-HA!

dhole: No, see, that was beyond funny.

aethereal_girl: A Nietzchean pun, as it were.

dhole: Exactly.

Silence, for a time.

aethereal_girl:So, you were going to tell me about something else that was funny.

dhole: A-ha-HA!


aethereal_girl: Now that was funny.

dhole: Yeah, that one wins.

aethereal_girl: It was a meta-joke -- one whose humor is based on the very idea of funny. A high modernist joke.

dhole: Like if Ezra Pound sat on a whoopee cushion.</span>


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