Tiara (divabat) wrote in metaquotes,

from brenisue in a locked post, posted with permission:

Just yesterday, I held her in my arms for the very 1st time, not even 1/2 hour after she was born. I looked into those eyes, and fell in love instantly. So this was how it felt being an aunt.

Just yesterday, I bonded with her when I lived with her mommy and daddy for a couple months. I got a videotape of me holding her up and making her do the electric slide. I began to think of her as my very own.

Just yesterday, I heard her call me "Netta" for the very 1st time.

Just yesterday, I held onto her little hands and let go as I saw her walk for me for the very 1st time.

Just yesterday, I watched as her mommy took her sledding for the very 1st time.

Just yesterday, I held her on my lap as she held her newborn sister for the 1st time and gave her a kiss.

Just yesterday, I sat right here in this room comforting her as she clutched onto me in fear. Mommy and daddy were fighting outside, and I was the one she wanted there.

Just yesterday, I sat in the living room and painted her nails for the 1st time.

Just yesterday, we took turns playing "shark" in the swimming pool. She seemed to get a kick of out dunking her aunt Netta too.

Just yesterday, she chased me around the house with a sheet draped over her pretending to be a ghost.

Just yesterday, I watched her hit her very 1st ball when she played T-ball.

Just yesterday, she and I conversed as though she were an adult.

Just yesterday, she graduated from kindergarten and entered 1st grade. How cute she looked in her little gown and cap.

Just yesterday, we had a blast dancing together at my aunt Debbie's wedding.

Just yesterday, we got our picture taken together with a baby tiger.

At least, it all seemed like yesterday.

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